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Derived from the fact that Oud Square is an elegant destination dedicated to cafes and boutiques for world-class brands and luxury offices for international companies, STF was delighted to prosper with such modern concepts to support the local content.


The insights gained through our immersion led us to create a brand concierge and position them as they care about the whole experience – from reaching the destination until leaving it. In the development phase Oud needed consultations and luxurious touches translated into textures, signs and illustrations across the user experience. The brand needed to work beyond the world of retail, so we offered a behavioral marketing consultations that seeks to connect with people on a more intimate level than conventional advertising, so we developed a sub-brand, Oud Now, as well as brand concierge and wayfinding system, all inspired from Oud luxurious essence. It's designed for flexing across all aspects of the customer experience — from brand personality, to visuals and marketing.

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    Graphic design

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    Communication consultation, Brand Concierge, Wayfinding system , Sub-brand creation