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Muse Awards Winner 2024
Project : Othaim Park
Brand Identity
Brand IdentityThe "Othaim Park" project, valued at 1.26 billion in the city of a multi-purpose complex that combines residential living with global shopping outlets fine dining restaurants, and distinctive cinemas, offering a unique entertainment and marketing experience.
The project stands out with its unique modern design.In recognition of creativity and excellence, Shaping the Future achieved a significant milestone with the award of a prestigious gold medal to the Othaim Park project from “Muse”, one of the foremost design and creativity awards globally.
There was a distinct imprint of the efforts of the Shaping the Future team, who provided consulting, creative, and planning services with skill and professionalism in designing the logo and developing the groundbreaking idea for the project.The gold medal from “Muse” embodies appreciation for the outstanding efforts and creativity, It succeeded in making a strong impact by crafting an original logo and a distinctive idea that aligns with the project's requirements and exceptionally attracts visitors.With this remarkable achievement, Shaping the Future continues to consolidate its consulting and creative services in enhancing the local economy and contributing to realizing  the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030.
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Muse Awards Winner
Project : KONOZ
Corporate Identity | Brand Identity
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KONOZ is a $1.7 billion project in Riyadh that embodies the visual and architectural essence of gemstones. This luxurious brand draws inspiration from the captivating beauty and intricate details of gemstones, particularly diamonds, epitomizing sophistication, opulence, and timeless elegance.

Shaping The Future has demonstrated its talent by creating the remarkable brand KONOZ under the umbrella of Al Othaim Investments. The outcome of their efforts was recognized and celebrated when Konoz received the prestigious Muse Award. The Muse Awards, known for honoring outstanding creative achievements in the fields of design and advertising, signifies a pinnacle of excellence in the industry. STF's visionary team harnessed their collective expertise to craft a brand that transcends the ordinary, seamlessly weaving a narrative that captivates and resonates with its audience. Konoz, by Al Othaim Investments, stands as a testament to STF's commitment to shaping the future through innovative and compelling storytelling, earning them the well-deserved accolade of the Muse Award. The brand exemplifies aesthetic beauty and communicates a profound and concise narrative, leaving an indelible mark in the competitive landscape.
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WBD Nomination | Local Authenticity & Global Appeal
Project : AO PARK
Corporate Identity  | Brand Identity
STF | Shaping The Future has successfully crafted the innovative brand Alothaim Park for Alothaim Investments. Nestled in the vibrant city of Dammam, Alothaim Park stands as a testament to Al Othaim's forward-thinking approach to entertainment and leisure. This ambitious initiative, deeply rooted in local culture, is designed to engage diverse community segments by offering a unique blend of traditional values and global excellence standards. The project recently received a nomination for the prestigious World Brand Design Award, highlighting its exceptional design and branding. The World Brand Design Awards, known for recognizing outstanding achievements in the field, further underscores the ingenuity and creativity of the STF team in shaping a brand that seamlessly combines local authenticity with global standards.
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WBD Nomination | Transformative Excellence
Project : KONOZ
Corporate Identity  | Brand Design Creation
STF | Shaping The Future, a Saudi company renowned for its exceptional team of talented individuals has recently achieved a significant milestone with the creation of the brand KONOZ by Alothaim Investments.
Their outstanding work has garnered a nomination for the esteemed World Brand Design Award, This recognition underscores the unwavering dedication, creativity, and expertise that define the Shaping the Future team.
Each member played a pivotal role in achieving this nomination, and the company expresses sincere gratitude for their exceptional contributions. STF extends its deepest appreciation to clients, partners, and collaborators for entrusting them with creative visions, enabling the transformation of these visions into award-worthy realities.
STF reaffirms its commitment to setting new standards for innovation and excellence in design and branding, The nomination for the World Brand Design Award is a testament to their resolute dedication and inspires them to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity, eagerly exploring new horizons in the field.
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Construction Week KSA Awards 2023 Shortlisted
Project : MODON HQ & Pavilion
Commercial Project of the Year
With pride and gratitude, we are pleased to highlight this special even, where The "MODON HQ & Pavilion – Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones" project, a cornerstone in our portfolio, has been proudly shortlisted for the Commercial Project of the Year 2023.

Embracing the 'Shaping the Future' ethos, our design journey for Modon was marked by a vibrant exploration of creativity, where we delved deep into research to seamlessly blend cultural elements with innovative design. Our commitment to excellence guided us in offering tailored branding and spatial solutions, coupled with strategic advisory to elevate the project's vision. We embarked on an immersive research endeavor, delving deep into the cultural tapestry of the region to glean insights that would inform our design narrative. This meticulous process allowed us to seamlessly fuse traditional elements with avant-garde concepts, resulting in a harmonious synthesis of heritage and modernity. Guided by our unwavering commitment to excellence, we meticulously crafted tailored branding and spatial solutions that not only met but exceeded the project's objectives. Our strategic advisory services were instrumental in navigating the intricate landscape of project development, offering invaluable insights to enhance Modon's overarching vision. Through our collaborative efforts, we endeavored to redefine the boundaries of architectural innovation, setting a new standard of excellence in commercial project design. The recognition of Modon's exceptional merits with the esteemed nomination for the Commercial Project of the Year is a testament to our collective dedication and ingenuity in shaping the built environment for generations to come.
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